A BLACKROS3 show is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

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With just two members, BLACKROS3 duo creates powerful and engaging live performances, while still maintaining that essence of that full-band punch.

This small setup makes the group highly adaptable to your events needs.  Utilize your sound crew and BLACKROS3's wireless equipment for quick transitions and minimal setup when you need to keep the stage moving.  Limited on equipment? BLACKROS3 can provide all the professional gear needed for a full concert. Looking to fill the stage? Ask about guest performers that can help bring the live sound and visuals over the top. Need a band for your headliner? Ask how BLACKROS3 can accompany your special guests with a live band. 

  • Live Concerts

  • Masquerade Half Time

  • Fashion Show Accompaniment

  • Live AMV's 

  • Instrumentals, Acoustic Performances, and Lounge Music

  • Band-For-Hire, Collaborations with vocalists or other headlining guests. 

  • And More...


This duo-team delivers high-energy covers, moving instrumental pieces, and face melting guitar solos from a range of modern and classic songs Anime, Video Game, and J-Rock tunes.


BLACKROS3 band creates shows tailored to fans, because we are fans.

Want to know if BLACKROS3 is right show for you?  Contact us at to get a custom plan for your event. 

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